What incentives should you offer?

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Incentives are a nice way of showing your families you appreciate them referring their friends.

There is research to show that it’s more about showing appreciation than the actual incentive and some camps just give a simple thank you as the reward.

Most camps choose a monetary incentive like 5% discount or 200$ for each referral which works well.

However, I prefer not to discount the value of camp and instead offer extra wake-boarding sessions, Tennis lessons, VIP experience, Free transfer to the airport etc.

This way the we are enhancing the experience the child will have during the camp and parents will feel even better referring their friends.

We call this ‘powering up’ the camp experience.

It’s also much easier to give away extras than give money back etc.

Apart from referrals what else can you reward your families for?

1.    For bringing visitors to your website. It doesn’t always convert but referred traffic converts 4x better than cold traffic.

2. Referrals that happen offline.

3.    For winning a monthly competition.

Our advice is start simple and build.

An example…

A milestone of 100 link clicks you could just offer your appreciation.

For a referral it could be a free Wake Boarding session / Tennis or whatever you can offer.

For the leaderboard it could be a VIP pass – Our pass includes a free transfer from the airport and extra kit bag. But you could include whatever you want in yours.

Some camps are offering a free camp if a family brings 10 friends.

But, it’s completely up to you what you offer and what appeals to your families.

To summarise…

–          Simple is best

–          Add value rather than discount it.

–          Offer what is appealing to your families.

Play around with your incentives and see what your families are interested in receiving.

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