How it works – for families

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Just enter your name and email. You then receive your unique link.


Send link to friends by email, on facebook, private messages etc. You can promote any way you want.


Our website tracks every visitor you have referred. If any of them enrol then you earn a reward.


We email you to let you know if one of your friends enrol. You can then claim  the reward when your child comes to camp.


The leaderboard is a fun way to earn extra rewards from our camp. Each month the person who refers the most will receive an extra reward.


We hope you love what we do and want others to benefit too.

We make it easy and offer a reward because you are doing our business a massive favour and it is our way of saying thank you!

Some top tips for referring more friends…

#1 – Posting on social media with a picture of video from camp.

#2 – Sharing in a relevant group on facebook.

#3 – If you have a blog you could write about the camp and put your link..

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