Case Study: How Nebraska 4H Summer Camp Have Set Up An Enrolment engine…

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Background on Nebraska 4H Summer Camp…

Sean directs an ACA accredited camp which is part of a university that runs a lot of summer, after school and educational programs.

They started with Camp Tree in November with the aim of getting more referrals and growing their camp.

Sean knew November was a slow month for them for enrolments but knew getting a system in place in the off season would help during the busy time to turn each registration into more and more registrations in the future.

They chose 2 way rewards for referrals of $100 each way. Then a monthly leaderboard reward of their respect and a 4h sticker for reaching 500 points.

I caught up with Sean mid February to find out how it was going and if there was any feedback….

Summary of Interview..

  • Very happy how it was going – getting good traction and traffic.
  • Knows he needs to get registrations early so getting earlier and earlier.
  • Having their best enrolment year to date

Steps he went through to get set up on the system…

  • Very easy to get start.
  • Initial meeting with Camp Tree to get the strategy right.
  • Code set up on website and checked.
  • Built a landing page – nice and clear
    • Means there aren’t many questions from families
    • Only question about how to apply to registration system – clear communication about putting the discount code into the registration system.
  • Sent initial email and social messages to families inviting them to join.
  • Then sent a follow up campaign to remind them.

Moving forward – any improvements in the future…

  • Very happy with it as it stands.
  • Would like to see more integrations with current systems.

Excited about the new features with multiple campaigns.


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