Case Study – How Camp Conrad Weiser Increased ‘Word of Mouth’ to 60 % of New Enrolments…

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Cory is a Director at Camp Conrad Weiser. He knew ‘word of mouth’ was the best way to get new families coming to camp.

He heard about Camp Tree and was one of the first customers.

He set up a webpage on his camps site to explain the program to his families.

He chose the main incentive being come to camp for free for 10 referrals.

Then they built a web page to explain the incentives to families. 

They then invited their families to join the program and continued promoting it through the year with social posts and email campaigns. 

Within 6 weeks they had around 20 referrals. 

They did the analysis after the camps and managed to boost their Word of Mouth to 60% of new enrolments with the help of Camp Tree.


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