How ‘Word Of Mouth’ Can Save You Time And Effort And Fill Your Camp Faster

With Travis Allison and Duncan Robinson Learn: Why ‘WOM’ is so important for Summer Camps How you can get more referrals Learn where to find more resources about summer camps. Here are several easy to implement methods we have used to take a camp from break even, to close to 7 figures in profit in […]

Referral based Marketing – What is it and how can I use it?

Referral based Marketing also known as ‘word of mouth’ is an extremely effective way to market and sell your camps. Most camps have a referral system in place like bring a friend and get 5% off. this is effective and is easy to put in place but you will be missing out on probably 5-10 […]

Interview with Victoria Long-Leather – Trailside Discovery Camp

Duncan: Okay, so welcome to another episode of Campfire stories, where we interview successful camp directors who have grown and scaled their camps. I’m joined by Victoria Long-Leather, who’s coming all the way from Anchorage. Welcome to the show, Victoria. Victoria: Thank you for having me. Duncan: Pleasure. Thank you. So tell us, where did […]

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